Hatch is a web app that allows you create dynamic configurations. Each of these configurations have variables you define by using %{variable_name}%. When others view this configuration they will be prompted to enter values in for these variables and finally generate a configuration for their enviornment.


For years I've worked with text-based configurations for a bunch of things. When things got boring, monotonous, and repetitive I would create templates for web servers, cisco routers, firewalls, or whatever. I found myself passing these text templates around to colleagues, the operations group for implementations, and people looking to solve the same problem on support sites. It wasn't until I had to manage a large scale roll-out which involved other teams doing the on-site work that I decided to make Hatch. This framework has helped me tremendously and helped solidify some concepts for people that aren't familiar with the things I've templated out.


The first version of Hatch was developed on June 2, 2011.


I'm Andrew Konkol, I've worked in numerous different fields in technology.


Technology/Services/Tools Used:


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